Nodbrim Interactive was founded early 2015 by two friends who have a strong passion in games that are challenging, exciting and a bit different. The companies goal is to put out quality nieche titles for PC and develop interesting games that make players think.

We are currently working on our first title Acaratus. It is a turn-based tactical rpg set in a medieval steampunk world where you build your own mech warband and collect cards to use as a strategic combination during battles.

About The Engine

We have spent a large amount of time to make an engine that we could use for future projects and make things our own way. (To be honest we wanted to see if we could do it) It was seen as a hobby project at start but grew to something more and then we developed Acaratus as a first test subject with this engine. Its modular and is very light so it works on a lot of hardware.

Brimlight Engine is our own propriatary engine developed by Kristoffer, if you have any questions about it please dont hesitate to ask us a question.

The Team


Martin Kupski

Co founder/Creative Director/Artist

A guy who has been working several years in the VFX industry and in games; Hellboy 2, Hitman Absolution, Mortal Online, 10.000BC, Ninja Assassin, Coke Zero commercials and Lego commercials are few of those.
His passion and education has been with video games but life has a funny way of pushing and pulling in other directions.

Marin's role at Nodbrim is to organize and manage a strong team of freelancers and bring the vision of our games into light. On top of that he also creates the art for the game.

Kristoffer Lindström

Co founder/Lead Programmer/Designer

Kristoffer is the Lead Programmer and Game Designer on Acaratus and loves to solve problems, create and innovate. He has been programming since sixth grade and studying programming for three years while working with programming at the school for three more years.

He sees programming as more than just a job, it's a passion and love for what it stands for. The Brimlight engine is a work of passion that he has been building from scratch since a year back. When Martin and Kristoffer met the idea of Acaratus grew and they saw that this could be a game that they both would love to play!

Daniel Johansson

Programmer / Designer

Game programmer and designer at heart, Daniel has spent the last 2.5 years working in the field of designing and programming measurement systems for heavy industries. His passion for games in all forms, digital and analog, has driven him back to game development - the subject he studied.

After watching the development of Acaratus from the sidelines, Daniel is very happy to be on the team and contribute by scripting game content and giving odd game design ideas.


We wouldnt be able to do all this on our own, so here is a list of our trusted freelancers.

Rafael Krux


Rafael is a talented and well organized composer who we love to collaborate with.
He has done some wonderful pieces of music for Acaratus and works closely with Martin to create a wonderful sonic experience in the game.

Tobias Edberg

Sound Design

Since 2001, Tobias Edberg is writing, producing and performing music, specializing in sounddesign and composition. Brus has had the opportunity to work with clients on brands like H&M, Samsung, City Network and various musical acts like Icona Pop.
Tobias joined the Nodbrim Team to help out on creating the sound design for the game.

Klaus Pillon

Concept Art

Klaus has been on the team since the start of production. Helping the team to visualize the mood and look of the world. Klaus has moved on to do other things but has been a great help to us!

Thomas Stoop

Cinematic Artist

Thomas is a talented 2D illustrator who joined us late 2015 to help out on the 2.5D cinematics that are painted by him and later projected onto 3D.

Morten Brunbjerg


Morten is a fast and skilled writer with a focus that was needed on Acaratus. Morten is the heart and soul of the story who has collaborated with Martin to create something more than a generic RPG story.

Tim Sjåstad

3D Generalist / Tester

Tim was our intern for a period of time and helped us out with 3D models and testing the game and was a great help in the production.

Gameport Partner

We are proud to be part of the Gamport Incubator